Children of Incarcerated Parents: About

The Children of Incarcerated Parents blog is the first national blog dedicated to exploring the impact of parental incarceration on children and families. There are an estimated two million minor children in the United States who have an incarcerated parent. The incarceration of parents not only has a devastating and damaging impact on children, but it also affects their caregivers and the well-being and integrity of their families.

The blog's mission is to:

  1. Feature and disseminate new local, state, national, and international research that either aim to unearth emerging or long standing concerns;

  2. Feature local, state, national and international innovative initiatives that aim to address problems affecting children, parents or caregivers dealing with parental incarceration;

  3. Provide tool kits to help advance initiatives in blog user’s jurisdiction;

  4. Facilitate an engaging dialogue between youth, parents, caregivers, policymakers, researchers and policy advocates; and

  5. Build the social media knowledge and participation of family members experiencing or who have experienced parental incarceration.

Blogging Etiquette

We welcome critical analysis, thoughtful commentary, expressions of support, and calls for cooperation and collaboration among researchers, program administrators, policy makers, parents who are or have been incarcerated with children living on the outside, children (with appropriate adult supervision) of parents who are or have been incarcerated, and from interested public audiences.  Hate speech, personal attacks, inappropriately vulgar language, lobbying or grassroots calls for action for specific legislation or to specific legislators and/or their staff, or political endorsements will not be permitted.

Blog Disclaimer

The blog sponsor, Justice Strategies, does not necessarily endorse nor advocate the views expressed and/or positions taken by bloggers and commentators on this site.  The sponsor reserves the right to moderate, edit or remove postings violating the principles of blog etiquette describe above.  The sponsor reserves the right, and bloggers and commentators agree, to follow up communications to ensure the accuracy and completeness of postings and comments.  Bloggers and commentators are required to adhere to generally accepted standards for the citation of work, mentioned in their comments and blog postings, that is other than their own. 

Monthly Feature

Formerly Incarcerated & Convicted People's Movement Western Regional Conference

Convened by All of Us or None & Legal Services for Prisoners with Children

Sunday, September 20th & Monday, September 21st

Formerly incarcerated and convicted people, family members, community and spiritual leaders, elected officials and government employees will all come together to strengthen our relationships and work towards making change through community empowerment. We invite you to Voice your opinion, learn your rights and learn what changes we can make together. All of Us or None Contact: (415)-255-7036 ext. 337