News Article Los Angeles Times February 26, 2009

Police not focusing on dangerous illegal immigrants, study says

Police officers empowered by a federal program to enforce immigration laws are instead arresting day laborers and street vendors, the report finds.

A federal program that empowers local police to enforce U.S. immigration laws has failed in its promise to target illegal immigrants who pose a threat to public safety or national security, according to a study released today. Read more »

News Article Arizona Republic February 26, 2009

Experts call ICE program used by Arpaio a failure

Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio's continuing and controversial crackdown on illegal immigration and the federal program that lets him identify and arrest undocumented immigrants is a financial and public-safety failure, according to a new report. Read more »

News Article New York Daily News February 25, 2009

Ineffective raids should be ICE'd

The image of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) as an efficient institution carrying on a heroic struggle for national security has been tarnished.

A couple of weeks ago, a study by the Migration Policy Institute revealed that 73% of the people arrested since early 2008 in much ballyhooed ICE raids had no criminal records. Yet the flashy paramilitary operations were billed by the Homeland Security Department as carefully planned dragnets for dangerous "immigrant fugitives." Read more »

News Article Naples Daily News February 26, 2009

Think tank critical of program that allows Collier deputies to act as deportation agents

A Brooklyn-based criminal justice think tank released a report today critical of a U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement program used by the Collier County Sheriff’s Office that allows local law enforcement officers to act as deportation agents. Read more »

News Article Phoenix New Times February 26, 2009


"WTF?!" That's what this ticked-off Toucan thought when he saw that local Immigration and Customs Enforcement flack Vinnie Picard was quoted in the paper of record as saying, "Arizona's 287(g) program is working as intended," and that there are no "firsthand" complaints of racial-profiling lodged with the Department of Homeland Security, of which ICE is a part.

Had Vinnie been smokin' the good ganja? Does the guy read the papers? Or does he just use them to roll himself a fat doobie? Read more »

News Article Fort Myers News Press February 26, 2009

Report calls for Collier deputies to cease immigration enforcement

A national report released today calls for the end to a program that gives local law agencies immigration enforcement powers, arguing that Latino population growth has fueled its rise rather than high crime rates. Read more »

JS Publication February 27, 2009

Local Democracy on ICE: Why State and Local Governments Have No Business in Federal Immigration Law Enforcement

287(g) is a tiny provision in federal immigration law that allows Homeland Security’s Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) to take local police away from their mission of fighting crime, and pull them into the murky territory of targeting immigrants for arrest without suspicion of crime. ICE described the 287(g) program as a public safety measure to target “criminal illegal aliens,” but its largest impact has been on law-abiding immigrant communities. Rather than focusing on serious crime, police resources are spent targeting day-laborers, corn-vendors and people with broken tail-lights. Read more »

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